Fancy Floral Background Fun July 27, 2015 00:00

It's floral week here at JustNick and have we got some great projects to show you!  There are so many great floral options in the store - make sure to take a peek!  Christine joining you today and I decided to use the Fancy Floral background and create a layout around it. I absolutely love how it is several different kinds of flowers!

Adding patterned papers to the back of cut file backgrounds is so trendy.  It takes a little bit of a time commitment but the end result is always fabulous!  There are a couple different ways to add the papers: you could cut out file multiple times using your different papers or just add to the back of your file and cut around them.  I've done both ways depending on how intricate the file is.  This one wasn't too bad to cut around - but if it was super intriciate I would piece it together!

JustNick also offers tons of great word files and I love to use those for titles!  For this layout I used a couple pieces from the Word 2 file.

One of my favorite things about using background cut files is that they don't require a whole lot beyond them.  Simply add some words and a few simple embellishments and  you can be done!  Come on back tomorrow for another fabulous floral project!