Reindeer Day 8--14 Days of Holidays December 10, 2015 07:00

Welcome to Day 8 of our 14 Days of Holidays cut file giveaways! Each weekday from December 1-18, 2015 we will be giving away a FREE cut file for that day only!

Diana here and I am SO excited to share with you the free cut for today Reindeer!  I decided to make a home decor item with this cut:

For my creation I used:

1. Jillibean Soup Wood Plank mix the media

2. Red glitter paper (this can be a bear to cut so make sure that you set it to glitter paper and cut it twice! I also learned that if your paper or product you are cutting isn't cut all the way through there is a trick!  Don't pull your cut all the way out of the machine, you can test it by seeing if it will lift up off of the mat.  It it doesn't then you can send it through the machine again.  If you unload it all the way the lines won't line up correctly....)

3. Pop dots--I was very generous with my pop dots.  One reason was that I wanted my cut to stand up and not be pushed in.  The other reason is that pop dots are SUPER sticky and I wanted it not to fall off of the wood.  I can tell you this is really on there well!

4. I wanted my image to take up most of the front of the wood so I measured it just smaller-I made him a little wider as well.  I REALLY love this simple creation!

REMEMBER this cut is only FREE today so go to the shop and in the coupon code enter: DEERFREE

This code is only valid until midnight CST on December 10, 2015. 

No purchase necessary.

Design will be available in the JustNick store for purchase after the discount code expires.

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