This is 2015 December 28, 2015 07:01

Good Monday morning!  It's Jaclyn joining you on the blog today.  As the calendar nears the start of 2016, I think we all tend to reflect on the memories and moments of the previous year.  I have been flipping through the photos on my phone and reminiscing.  In doing so, I decided to make a page featuring some of the highlights of mine and my family's year in 2015. 

This page will serve as the title page for my 2015 family album.  Using a grid design was the obvious choice for me, so that I could keep it simple, include lots of small photos and have fun with the title.

 Do you recognize where that title came from?  I actually used three different files from the Just Nick store to create and customize my design.  The 'This Is' portion of my title was taken from the Arrow Set 1 cut file. 


The original arrow design used in this file was much thicker and shorter.  However, I wanted to use a longer, thinner title that would stretch the width of my page and not get lost in my grid of photos.  To create that effect, I borrowed one of the longer, skinnier arrows from the All Boy file and sized it to my desired length. 


I completed my custom title by including the year.  Lucky for me the Right Now Cards design included a bold, chunky '2015' that I was able to snag and incorporate into my design.

I hope this page reminds you that you can make your cut files work for you!  Adjust their sizes, widths and even combine files for a completely fun and custom look!

Supplies used:

Arrow Set 1

All Boy

Right Now Cards