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It's Time for Fun | Patricia March 3, 2020 07:00

JustNick Studio, Cut Files, Traveler's Notebook, Divided Florals, Spring Florals

Happy March everyone!  Even though I live in the South and our Winters are not harsh, I am very ready for warmer weather!  I have a spread in my Life Crafted Album that pulls some beautiful, fresh colors using the JustNick Divided Florals and Spring Florals.

JustNick Studio, Cut Files, Divided Florals

JustNick Studio, Cut Files, Spring Florals

This particular memory is not a Spring memory.  In addition to that, they are taken at night with my iPhone and poor quality.  The cut files and the colors I chose to work with help bring some brightness and fun to capture this memory.  I first chose one of the two Divided Florals to use vertically in my Life Crafted Traveler's Notebook.  I love green, and this is also a Mardi Gras parade.  I didn't want my colors to be too busy like Mardi Gras (purple, green, gold), but a subtle variation of the holiday with more of a Spring feel.

JustNick Studio, Cut Files, Traveler's Notebook, Divided Florals, Spring Florals

I backed just the flower part of the cut file with a solid piece of pale lavender cardstock.  My photos don't have too much color to draw from being so dark taken at night, but the parade's color theme is usually blue.  Blue goes perfectly with my color selections and Spring feel.  So I stamped and accented with embellishments in blue, as well as pulling in accents of the gold.

JustNick Studio, Cut Files, Traveler's Notebook, Divided Florals, Spring Florals

The right side, with the white cardstock background really helps that cut file and blue accents to pop as well as a great place for my journaling.  I used that same pattern paper for the Divided Floral, but the reverse of it for a different texture over more pattern paper on the left to balance the two sides.  Then cut the beautiful Spring Florals and used the same embellishment accents to again balance each side.  I absolutely LOVE the large florals to draw the eye and make my photos look better than they are!

JustNick Studio, Cut Files, Traveler's Notebook, Divided Florals, Spring Florals

I think this is my most favorite Mardi Gras themed spread because it isn't overly themey, has the colors of the holiday, but has the Spring feel with the cut files!  Hope this gives you inspiration on using your poor quality photos with the colors and cut files to really help make a beautiful spread for your next project!

BEAUTIFUL US |Nathalie DeSousa February 14, 2020 07:00

Happy Valentine's Day JustNick Studio friends!

Nathalie with you today with a new layout all about love.   My husband and I have been married for 20yrs which means this will be our 20th Valentine's day!  So, i wanted to document last year picture using some of the new cut files available at the  JustNIck Studio shop!



Who says Valentine's has to be all about red and pink?  Well, my choice was to bring a combination of soft and bold colors along with flowers and dynamic design.




To build my cut hear cut out, i used the outline heart from the FLORAL HEART cut file ( i separated the paths, so that i can only use the outside edge of the heart) and added an inside off set to create the small heart frame.  I backed the heart with vellum and a paper from the Just A Little Lovely collection from Pinkfresh Stiudio.



I used papers from the new My Favorite Story (Pinkfresh Studio) to create the background for this page.  I set the heart on the background  so that it sits on a bit of an offset at the center of the page.




I cut two of the bottom floral from the DIVIDED FLORAL Cut file and laid them along the right side of the heart.  This created a soft cascade of white floral images along the bold side of the background.




I kept the left side of the heart pretty simple.  This time i use  BUTTERFLY cut file to create the one that sits next to the title.  I cut it from white cardstock, and then use vellum to cut a simple silhouette of the same butterfly so i can layered them together.



I added just a few more embellishments from the collection and then a few lines of journal complete my page.  I LOVE how this turned out, simple and bold just like my hunny and I.


Remember to stop by the JUSTNICK Studio blog to check all the cut files used in this page,