Valentine garland January 31, 2017 07:00

Hi Just Nick friends!  It's Jaclyn here today to share with you a fun little garland banner I put together to celebrate the upcoming holiday.  Ever since we packed away the Christmas décor, my little girl has been begging to decorate for Valentine's Day.  Rather than go out and buy decorations, I knew I could put my crafting supplies to work, to make something special and unique.  Involving my daughter in the making process, was an added bonus, and one that we both certainly enjoyed!

I dug into the Just Nick 'archives' for this project, to work with the Candy Heart digital file released last year.  I simply can't think of Valentine's Day without images of sweet little pastel colored conversation hearts popping into my head.  So, the idea for a banner inspired by these sugary treats, was born.

I knew that we would cut the hearts out of varying shades and colors of pastel cardstock, backing each one in red to mimic the text on a conversation heart.  However, to make our garland a bit more special, we decided to turn each 'candy' heart into a shaker.

To make each shaker element, I went to my trashcan to repurpose some clam shell packaging for the transparent element.  I used a permanent marker to trace my heart design onto the plastic, then simply cut inside the traced line to ensure a perfect fit.

I used scor-tape to secure my transparent piece to the backside of each diecut heart, then surrounded the negative text portion of each design, with a border of foam adhesive.  When completing this step, make sure to leave no gaps between the pieces of foam tape, ensuring the contents of your shaker won't escape.

Once you've created your 'well' and filled it with your shaking element (in my case, this was seed beads), you are ready to adhere the solid red heart to the backside.

To turn my pile of pretty hearts into a banner, I simply punched a hole on the right and left side of each heart and threaded them all onto a length of twine.

This colorful display looks so sweet strung across my daughter's bedroom door, and she is so thrilled that she took part in the making!

There are loads of new love themed files in the Just Nick store, and lots more to come!  We hope you'll share with us all of the lovely things you are creating with them!


Cut files used:

Candy Hearts